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Dog digging under the table

Dog digging under the table

This surprising photo was taken in an interesting store, Vinçon, in the Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona. It deserves a visit.

1941 Vinçon opens its doors to the public

In 1941 Enrique Levi and Hugo Vinçon founded their first shop in Paseo de Gracia named Enrique Levi, which was later changed to Regalos Hugo Vinçon.

Ties between the Amat family and the business began a year later when Jacinto Amat was hired as a sales assistant.

1973 La Sala Vinçon opening

Since this space was opened works of artist, architects and designers from all around the world are displayed.

1995 The national design prize

Vinçon has been awarded significant prizes over the years.

1997 Online shop

Vinçon acquired the http://www.vincon.com domain although we did not launch the website until mid 1998. The design concept was kept simple and functional and has evolved over the years to the point of becoming Vinçon’s second shop.

More info about this store here.

the bar

the bar

The B&W version:

the bar

the bar

Which one do you prefer??

Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Black Coffee

When I was younger,
I enjoyed drinking black coffee.

I liked the taste and the smell.
The bitterness but the sweetness of the coffee bean.

I realized later on how much coffee related to life.
There are bitter moments that stay on the pallate and create a lasting and pungent after taste.

But there are really sweet times that last even longer.

by Blurry Vision

Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Street Colors

Street Colors

street_photo_cmllI like street photography, usually in B & W, but this picture I think I had to take it and process in color.

The girl also helped with her dress in full color.

The image was taken in Madrid two days ago.



A calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months, and years. A date is the designation of a single, specific day within such a system. Periods in a calendar (such as years and months) are usually, though not necessarily, synchronized with the cycle of the sun or the moon. Many civilizations and societies have devised a calendar, usually derived from other calendars on which they model their systems, suited to their particular needs.

A calendar is also a physical device (often paper). This is the most common usage of the word. Other similar types of calendars can include computerized systems, which can be set to remind the user of upcoming events and appointments. Other calendars have different and original designs. This calendar shown today is one of them.

Seen in CaixaForum. Madrid.

More info about calendars: Wikipedia.

Intricate. Embroidered Indian Tapestry

Intricate. Embroidered Indian Tapestry

This Embroidered Indian Tapestry has been suggested to me the idea of intricate and so I present to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

There are lots of Indian tapestries of all sizes with extensive embellishments. These tapestries are hand made by Indian artisans and used fot wall hanging decoration. They use vibrant colors of rural India, sometimes embellished with glittering antique mirrors.

Location and lighting are factors to consider with vintage patchwork Indian Tapestries.

This gorgeous & exquisite Tapestry has intricate & heavy “Banjara” hand embroidery in various colors . So extensive & intricate is the work that the package weight of this tapestry is more than 5 lbs!

Indian trapestry. Detail

Indian trapestry. Detail


Red bottlebrush flower (Callistemon citrinus)

Red bottlebrush flower (Callistemon citrinus)

Callistemon is a genus of shrubs in the family Myrtaceae, first described as a genus in 1814. The entire genus is endemic to Australia but widely cultivated in many other regions and naturalized in scattered locations.

Callistemon species are commonly referred to as bottlebrushes because of their cylindrical, brush like flowers resembling a traditional bottle brush.

Callistemons can be propagated either by cuttings (some species more easily than others), or from the seeds. Flowering is normally in spring and early summer

More info in Wikipedia

Red bottlebrush flower (Callistemon citrinus)

Red bottlebrush flower (Callistemon citrinus)

bins and strange shadows

bins and strange shadows

sometimes the simplest things, offer surprising insights
sometimes, just sometimes

Flying In The Sky

Flying In The Sky

I Am Flying In The Sky – Poem by Chesa Sake

I am flying in the air.
I am flying by the sun.
I will reach for the sky.
And fly above the sun.

I am going high.
I am reaching the limit.
I will fly.
Above the sky.

I will meat you there.
I will sore through the clouds.
I will brake through the door.
I will find you there.
Right by the door.

And you said.
Lets fly high.
Above the sky.
Plese do not ligh.
Lets go flying.
In the sky.

Chesa Sake

Walking down the street

Walking down the street

Walking down the street

Walking down the street

street_photo_cmllI have posted two different versions of each photo, the second is a monochrome HDR. Photos with high dynamic range give a different view of the same scene that sometimes makes them very interesting.

The images were taken in La Rambla. Barcelona

Walking down the street

Walking down the street

Walking down the street

Walking down the street


sailing under the rain

sailing under the rain in Venice

This picture was taken a rainy day in the waters of this wonderful city that is Venice.
I was curious to see these Venetian sailing with their umbrellas in the rain.

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy sited on a group of 117 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges and certainly its inhabitants seem accustomed to water wherever it comes …

sailing under the rain

sailing under the rain in Venice




Rustic balcony of a rural house in the village of Rupit

Balcony detail.

Balcony detail

Rupit is a municipality in the comarca of Osona (Barcelona province) in Catalonia.
If traditional rainfed agriculture (cereals, legumes, potatoes, corn and fodder) and livestock (cattle and pigs) were the foundations of the economy, today tourism, attracted by the quaintness of the town, is the main source rich with a multitude of shops and restaurants that host numerous visitors and summer weekend.

Rupit. Catalonia

Rupit. Catalonia


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