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Rupit. Barcelona. Catalonia

Rupit. Barcelona. Catalonia


Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

Here is my entry for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge. Thanks Norm for hosting this challenge.

This door is located in an amazing place, especially for a city dweller like me, on this small town near Barcelona called Rupit, we have previously visited on April and May .

You can find this door on the outskirts of this besutiful village. More than the door itself, which is really lovely is the atmosphere.

“Rupit is a piece of the world, plunged in the heart of beech Collsacabra… The seventeenth century Catalan is all heroic and sentimental Catalonia, is the flower of our songs and silver tunic of our legends. And the village of Rupit is this, a piece alive and hiding from the seventeenth-century Catalan (…)”

Josep Maria de Sagarra (1894-1961)

Rupit. Barcelona. Catalonia

Rupit. Barcelona. Catalonia



I have been nominated by my friend Roy, a fine blogger and photographer, in a challenge to post my three favorite quotes, one each for three consecutive days. I’ve sportively accepted: I’ll post three of the most interesting quotes I remember. Thanks Roy for the nomination!

Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam

Today, the third and the last quote is about Happiness by Omar Khayyam (1048–1131).

Omar Khayyam was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and poet. He also wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, mineralogy and music. His significance as a philosopher and teacher, and his few remaining philosophical works, have not received the same attention as his scientific and poetic writings.

Omar Khayyam1

With each post I must nominate three bloggers for the challenge.

Today are nominated:

  • Julie from Fong Pond Farm. She lives in the countryside in New Zealand (west Auckland), loves gardening and horticulture. She has a lot of awesome nature photos. A beautiful blog, do not miss it
  • creakingbones from creakingbones. As he says, he is an old bloke living in rural Australia, who loves Harley Davidson’s motorcycles and Nikon cameras (I think also Leicas). He is an excellent writer and photographer. His good sense of humor is transmitted to his photography, texts and all the blog. Another must ..
  • berryduchess from berryduchess. She is a young artist, photographer and blogger based now in Singapore. She has a wonderful blog, full of life everywhere. Visit the blog, but beware! she likes her nails red! 🙂
enjoying the afternoon by the sea

Enjoying the afternoon by the sea

Enjoying the afternoon by the sea

Everyone is entitled to a little rest.

In this case, looking at the different colors that shows the sea.

A rest to continue later with the flight.

Barcelona 2015

Dark landscape

Dark landscape

Dark Landscape

We turn to a different theme. Today I upload this picture of a bleak landscape, but relaxing at the same time.

This dark but interesting landscape has given me some moments of relax and peace. They are mountains of my country, Catalonia (north-east Spain).

I hope that you enjoy seeing them. as I did.



Gardenia is a genus of flowering plants in the coffee family, Rubiaceae, native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, southern Asia, Australasia and Oceania.

Gardenia plants are prized for the strong sweet scent of their flowers, which can be very large in size in some species.

In China and Japan Its blossom is used as a yellow dye, used on fabric and food. Its fruits are also used in traditional Chinese medicine for their clearing, calming, and cooling properties.

In France, gardenias are the flower traditionally worn by men as boutonnière when in evening dress.

More info; Wikipedia



Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature

Water that flows on the Earth’s surface in streams, rivers and seas, is the most powerful natural agent operating on the surface, and changes the face of the Earth.

Waves, generated by storms, wind, or fast moving motor craft, cause coastal erosion, which may take the form of long-term losses of sediment and rocks, or merely the temporary redistribution of coastal sediments; erosion in one location may result in accretion nearby.

In these photos, taken on the island of Mallorca, we see how the water, repeatedly hitting on this rock, will slowly erode its base and and over time will break.

Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature

Red bottlebrush flower (Callistemon citrinus)

Red bottlebrush flower (Callistemon citrinus)

Callistemon is a genus of shrubs in the family Myrtaceae, first described as a genus in 1814. The entire genus is endemic to Australia but widely cultivated in many other regions and naturalized in scattered locations.

Callistemon species are commonly referred to as bottlebrushes because of their cylindrical, brush like flowers resembling a traditional bottle brush.

Callistemons can be propagated either by cuttings (some species more easily than others), or from the seeds. Flowering is normally in spring and early summer

More info in Wikipedia

Red bottlebrush flower (Callistemon citrinus)

Red bottlebrush flower (Callistemon citrinus)

Flying In The Sky

Flying In The Sky

I Am Flying In The Sky – Poem by Chesa Sake

I am flying in the air.
I am flying by the sun.
I will reach for the sky.
And fly above the sun.

I am going high.
I am reaching the limit.
I will fly.
Above the sky.

I will meat you there.
I will sore through the clouds.
I will brake through the door.
I will find you there.
Right by the door.

And you said.
Lets fly high.
Above the sky.
Plese do not ligh.
Lets go flying.
In the sky.

Chesa Sake



Rustic balcony of a rural house in the village of Rupit

Balcony detail.

Balcony detail

Rupit is a municipality in the comarca of Osona (Barcelona province) in Catalonia.
If traditional rainfed agriculture (cereals, legumes, potatoes, corn and fodder) and livestock (cattle and pigs) were the foundations of the economy, today tourism, attracted by the quaintness of the town, is the main source rich with a multitude of shops and restaurants that host numerous visitors and summer weekend.

Rupit. Catalonia

Rupit. Catalonia



Bullfight in Seville

Bullfight in Seville

Bullfight in a farmhouse near Seville captured in April during festivals in the city. Naturally, I tried not to get too close. Each of these animals weights more than 500 kilograms (half a ton) and this day they do not seem very friendly …

As can be seen the fight get up enough dust …

The Spanish Fighting Bull (Toro Bravo) is an Iberian heterogeneous cattle population. It is primarily bred free-range on extensive estates in Spain, Portugal and Latin American countries where bull fighting is organized. Fighting bulls are selected primarily for a certain combination of aggression, energy, strength, and stamina.

As I said in another post I do not like bullfighting, fortunately prohibited by popular demand in Catalonia.

More info about the Spanish Fighting Bull in Wikipedia

Post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Mallard duck

Mallard duck

Mallard duck

Mallard duck

Mallard duck

Mallard duck

Daffy duck

The mallard or wild duck (Anas platyrhynchos) is a dabbling duck which breeds throughout the temperate and subtropical Americas, Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and has been introduced to New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, the Falkland Islands and South Africa. This duck belongs to the subfamily Anatinae of the waterfowl family Anatidae.

These ones have been seen in a little town in Catalonia.

The male birds (drakes) have a glossy green head and are grey on wings and belly, while the females have mainly brown-speckled plumage. Mallards live in wetlands, eat water plants and small animals, and are gregarious. This species is the ancestor of most breeds of domestic ducks

More info: Wikipedia

the boat

the boat


Quiet Waters – Poem by Lee John Siebritz

Memories of happy times
Flood my head
As the boat rocks on and on…

Kids are laughing
Kids are smiling
Enjoying the blue skies
As the wind angrily
Blows the waves against the boat.

A moment of stillness fills my mind
As I think of Cape Town
My birthplace, my home, my life.

I can’t help but feel sad
As flashbacks of the past
Pop into my mind.

Watching these kids being happy
Makes me feel sad
As it takes me back
When that was once in my life.

I am happy where I am
I am happy in my soul
But the little boy’s life
Was cut off so soon.

Nights of terror.
Nights of the unknown
That little child
Had to mature quickly
Or die young.

The boats jerks
Kids plague me for a picture.
I smile though the pain
I smile through the heartache

They are happy
I am sad
I wish I could be like them
But that time has passed me by.

As we pass the
Last turn off
I feel a sense of peace.
Maybe it is my late grandmother
Speaking to me.

“Forget the past”
“Move on with your life”
“So that you can be happy”

I have to follow the star in my heart
For years its light has faded
Over the years it has dimmed
I hope it returns for me to move on…

Again, the boat jerks
My stomach turns
I feel my inside trying to come up.

But soon we arrive at our destiny.
I say goodbye to the mountains
To the trees
I am thankful to God that
I have lived another day.

And so my journey continues…

Lee John Siebritz

This is the last Post of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge.

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