Quiet afternoon on the boat

the boat
the boat

the boat


Quiet Waters – Poem by Lee John Siebritz

Memories of happy times
Flood my head
As the boat rocks on and on…

Kids are laughing
Kids are smiling
Enjoying the blue skies
As the wind angrily
Blows the waves against the boat.

A moment of stillness fills my mind
As I think of Cape Town
My birthplace, my home, my life.

I can’t help but feel sad
As flashbacks of the past
Pop into my mind.

Watching these kids being happy
Makes me feel sad
As it takes me back
When that was once in my life.

I am happy where I am
I am happy in my soul
But the little boy’s life
Was cut off so soon.

Nights of terror.
Nights of the unknown
That little child
Had to mature quickly
Or die young.

The boats jerks
Kids plague me for a picture.
I smile though the pain
I smile through the heartache

They are happy
I am sad
I wish I could be like them
But that time has passed me by.

As we pass the
Last turn off
I feel a sense of peace.
Maybe it is my late grandmother
Speaking to me.

“Forget the past”
“Move on with your life”
“So that you can be happy”

I have to follow the star in my heart
For years its light has faded
Over the years it has dimmed
I hope it returns for me to move on…

Again, the boat jerks
My stomach turns
I feel my inside trying to come up.

But soon we arrive at our destiny.
I say goodbye to the mountains
To the trees
I am thankful to God that
I have lived another day.

And so my journey continues…

Lee John Siebritz

This is the last Post of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge.

19 Comments on “Quiet afternoon on the boat

  1. love the colours in that shot. The stillness of the boat and water in the foreground below the threat implied in the intense compressed energy of the clouds. superb shot.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How beautiful picture and how touching poem! I love the clouds and the words:
    “Forget the past”
    “Move on with your life”
    “So that you can be happy”
    Sometimes we are hold by the past and we can’t move on. It’s good to forget it and find peace and happiness 🙂
    Thank you and good day to you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks to the person who used my poem and added the picture.

    Not sure where you are based, but I am based in Cape Town,South Africa…

    My tel num is +27 73 814 9428

    Currently teaching in South Africa after having taught abroad in South Korea and China…

    Have batches more poems to be released…

    Potential publishers can contact me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Lee John for your beautiful poem. As you can read, people liked the poem. I think is a perfect companion for my photo…
      I am based in Barcelona and publishing photos in my blog sometimes with poems of good writers. If you kindly give me more poems, no doubt that I’ll continue publishing them.
      Thanks again!!


      • Will do so.

        Currently having a break. We are busy with exams at school.

        I wanna have all my poems published,however,lack the time to type them out but will send some to you, bit by bit.

        And people can google and locate me as well as add me om Facebook.

        email address is: leejohn.siebritz@gmail.com

        If you go to Poem Hunter, you can find some beautiful poems that I wrote… some happy, some sad particularly the poem for my late gran… Still I Remember…


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